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Woman Reign in your world..... Wherever a woman finds herself is her world, the husband of a woman is her world, the Children of a woman is her world, when you are in the saloon that's your world at that moment, when a woman is in the market place shopping that becomes her world for that period. The question is woman what do people say when you as a woman leave that hair saloon, church, market etc?   What names do they call you? A nice woman, kind hearted, helpful, godly?  or troublesome, chat box, abusive, a hypocrite?

More so, many Women believe in their hearts today that being a woman there are certain achievements they cannot attain, there are certain breakthroughs they cannot have, some do not even realise that when they train up their children in the right way and those Children begin to prosper it means the woman/mother is reigning in the lives of her children, yes you can reign in the life of your children have you ever heard when they pray for some children and say 'Blessed is your mother or they say blessed is the womb that carried you? That is a reigning mother.

The woman described in proverbs 31: 10-end reigned in the life of her husband because her husband was recognised as a blessed man, she did not bring shame to her husband, she was not known as a violent, troublesome, gossiper, blackmailer woman etc rather her husband was praised, he was celebrated for having a lovely woman as his wife. She was not only kind to her own biological children and be horrible to other people's children living with her but every member of her household. Some women cannot be trusted with children from other women.

Woman reign in your world does not mean put your husband down, make people around you feel uncomfortable or feel puffed up but it means woman rise and achieve where you are, if you need to get back to school go for it, if you need to go into business go for it, if you need to generate ideas go for it. You are not a mistake you a blessing.

Be blessed as you listen to this song, it is one of my songs I wrote by God's grace in 2010 through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Woman Reign!


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